Commercial Property From Above

Safety Inspections

Here at Wings of A Dove, we know just how difficult and hazardous it is to fully inspect a structure from the inside out. Rather than climbing onto a roof and venturing into dangerous territory, you'll be able to get a comprehensive view of any building without risking your safety when you rely on our professional drone experts to do the dirty work for you.

Safely Explore Hard-to-Reach
Areas with Convenience

The traditional methods of inspecting a building require extensive preparation and a variety of specialized equipment, such as a B30 Camera Zoom lens. This is based on an M600 Pro Drone. After ensuring all of the necessary plans are in order, the inspection process itself can be extremely lengthy and complicated. The dangerous elevation of multistory buildings represents only one of many potential hazards involved with inspections. Attempting to gain insight into a building's condition may entail even riskier methods of inspection, such as entering into areas that lack proper structural reinforcement.

Church From Above

Solar Farm Derailed Train Church Exterior